Specialists in medicine and sports orthopedics, physical therapy, and MAT® certifications, provide their opinion regarding Gamma Bcn Activación Muscular:

About a year ago, I contacted Carlos through a friend who was being treated with MAT®. I had heard of this technique as means for recovery but I did not know anyone who would apply it as the sole method for recovery. As a patient myself, I had undergone other treatments (massage therapy, osteopathy, fascia stretching, unblocking of the spine area...) to improve the tendency of having muscle cramps in my neck and back without any true success and, as a result, I decided to entrust myself to Carlos and experience MAT® first hand. I was surprised by the "simplicity" of the technique itself but that it required a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of muscle structures in the body that requires substantial education in that regard. As weeks passed by, I experienced improvement in the areas of pain, both in my muscle cramps and a pyramidal syndrome I suffered, and a certain stiffness in one shoulder at the scapulothoracic and glenohumeral level, sequelae of a glenohumeral luxation with trochiter fracture I suffered 15 years ago.

I decided to refer some of my patients with various etiologies, back pain with or without structural alterations of the spine, joint stiffness, muscle injuries...and I can say that the outcomes were very satisfactory.

This is a virtually non-aggressive technique that accomplishes neuromuscular activation and as a result muscle balance in the body, and as any treatment of this kind, it needs continuity for a period of time to accomplish the desired results, a period of time that varies depending on the pathology to be treated.

My impression as a patient and health professional is very positive and I currently recommend this rehabilitative technique to patients I think they need it, embracing a wide range of muscle-skeletal pathologies.

I met Carlos about 10 years ago at the outcome of his professional career in MAT®, and he hasn’t stop until he has become one of a few on the planet to use such powerful techniques in the most efficient and systematic way possible. The results he accomplishes on a daily basis speak by themselves.

Carlos García was my colleague at Tools Barcelona under the direction of Genís Caparrós and during the 3 and a half years I was there, I had the opportunity to get to know a pro in Muscle Activation Techniques and muscle biomechanics.

If I had to highlight something, I have to say that out of that time I gained more than a colleague but a friend and a confidant on how to direct myself as a MAT®specialist.

CI consider Carlos to be one of the best therapists in Spain because he always wants the best for his clients, he is honest, kind, on time, and technically he is a 10. He is always travelling to the U.S. to continue expanding his knowledge.

I’ve been lucky enough to be his colleague but I have also received many MAT® sessions by Carlos and I think he is the best, after having received sessions from many therapists.

If you find yourself in Barcelona or nearby and you suffer from pain, an injury, or you are far from your potential in your training, you cannot go wrong with Carlos García.

It had been months since I was able to practice any sport. Soccer, paddle, squash, not even my passion: trial-running. I am a physiotherapist and my professional colleagues tried everything on me without success. With just one session in Carlos’ hands, I was able to run again. The problem was the rotator cuffs in my hip! Then we did some more sessions to solidify the results.

Testimonials from clients

Gamma Bcn Activación Muscular benefits sedentary individuals, professional or amateur athletes, seniors, people recovering from surgery, individuals who are looking for an effective alternative treatment before facing surgery...

At the beginning of 2013, I started experiencing deep pain every time I moved my right arm. After consulting with several orthopedic surgeons, having 5 infiltrations done, and many sessions of physiotherapy, I decided to have surgery in November 2016 to resolve the calcification I had.

After the surgery was done, the pain changed but continued and mobility was very reduced. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr Alejandro Godall Arteaga, encouraged me to try treatment in Muscle Activation Techniques at the hands of Carlos García. Although I was skeptical initially and was uneducated about this technique, in a few weeks I felt a lot of improvement. In 4 months I have recovered my mobility and I have no pain. I truly encourage anyone in a similar situation to give this technique a chance. Thanks a lot, Carlos!

I have suffered neck and back pain for many years. It finally happened that I had an episode of "nerve pinching" and I spent two months with back, shoulder, and arm pain. The fingers of my hand on that side would go numb constantly.

I got an MRI done and the results were several protrusions in various vertebrae as well as intervertebral disk degeneration. Having this diagnosis, my husband suggested that I see Carlos.

I arrived at his studio very desperate but results happened right away: the majority of my symptoms disappeared in just three sessions and now I can lead a normal life and exercise without problems. What’s more, my chronic neck pain has disappeared.

I’m just delighted and very thankful to Carlos.

Curiously, I discovered MAT® through my wife and daughter.

Carlos started treating my mother a few years before me when he treated her at her domicile. Then my daughter also started treatment with him, as she is a professional athlete in the synchronized swimming Spanish national team training at the Sant Cugat CAR center. She endured mobility limitations in her hip that caused inflammation, and Carlos improved that situation for her.

In my case, I endured constant shoulder pain on my left side. After seeing my orthopedic surgeon, having MRIs done, I had 20 sessions of physiotherapy where electrodes stimulated the affected area, without much success. Then I tried osteopathy and acupuncture for more than 6 months (which left me with a nice collection of bruises resulting from fiber tearing) without very successful outcomes.

A bit discouraged, I follow my mother and daughter’s footsteps and I tried MAT®... At the outset, the scientist in me made me skeptical. How pressure in particular muscle points and execution of minimal resistance exercises would help my problem? Everything sounded light and philosophical (similar to homeopathy) in that the least effort provides positive outcomes. Even when Carlos said during a session "Don’t you see you now have more strength?", and I would say "perhaps"...maybe a bit more (without truly believing it).

After 4 months of 1 hour, weekly sessions, the pain was gone and I had recovered all the shoulder mobility I had lost as a result of the inflammation! Although Carlos tried many times to explain the process to me (because he likes to talk about it), I still thought it was like magic, like the results that can be accomplished through traditional Chinese medicine.

If any of you has mobility problems or any pain, I strongly recommend that you try it. It works for me.

I have practiced sports all my life and I have arthrosis in the knee. After trying any treatment I came across, I discovered MAT® about three years ago.

Since then, I receive treatment in one session monthly and all discomfort that hindered my sports activity (tennis, bicycle riding, golf) has disappeared and I have even been able to increase my training significantly without any discomfort.

I learned about MAT® about two years ago through a friend for whom it worked very well. I had problems in one foot, with my second toe being twisted and pushing against the big toe. I had already had tests done before my surgery appointment through our national health system, but I decided to try MAT® before having the surgery done. And it worked out. After such a great experience, I went back to MAT® due to my back problems. I had a very strong episode of lumbago with sciatica and the medical tests showed arthrosis in the spine and rheumatoid issues. After some sessions, I’m feeling good again and I’ll continue with monthly visits with Carlos to keep up in good condition.

I have used MAT® in many occasions and always with very good results. My experience with MAT® has always been excellent. It has resolved a number of sports injuries successfully and it has allowed me to continue practicing sports at a good level.

Carlos is an excellent professional in whom I wholeheartedly trust. I can tell he has a thorough and complete knowledge and understanding of MAT® and his customer service skills are impeccable.

As a result of a fall when I was hiking, my arm’s mobility was reduced 60% because the shoulder’s tendon was partially detached from the bone. MAT® avoided the surgery I was facing, and I was able to recover mobility and gradually having less and less pain and still lead a normal life. After a few months, I am fully recovered. I recommend Carlos as a therapist to any person who suffers from pain or lack of mobility, my experience has been very good.

I learned about MAT® through a medical doctor who had received treatment due to his shoulder pain. In my situation, I had gone many years with recurring back pain and, in a few months, I noticed that those pains were reduced and my posture improved thanks to the muscle reinforcement I did with MAT® for my back. The advantage with MAT® is that it deals with the root of the problem and, as a result, the results persist and become permanent with the pass of time.

Using MATRx® in my treatment has allowed me to solidify the proper functioning of my muscle groups because it improves tolerance to stress. Since then, any aches and pains have completely disappeared.

Carlos is a great professional with a lot of experience and a great knowledge and expertise in this field who still has to be more known in years to come.

My wife brought me to Gamma, and she was in turn directed there by a friend. Personal referrals is how MAT® operates, and after the wonders my wife talked about (facts that I noticed right away), I decided I would give it a try for the backaches I was experiencing.

About a year and a half ago, I started "muscle activation" and right away I noticed improvement in my aches and also a sensation of internal balance and wellbeing in just a few sessions.

I had treatments for about 4 months, once a week. When I felt that I was doing well and I could stop receiving treatments, Carlos prescribed me some exercises that I could do on my own at home.

Despite being very methodological in my life, I was sporadic when it came to doing the exercises at home and I became frustrated with myself for abandoning something that was so good to me.

After dropping the ball for about half a year, I reconnected with Carlos because I wanted to do a session per month. We both decided that I should do a series of weekly sessions to fine-tune my body because I noticed some soreness in one shoulder (it’s strange to feel soreness with my age...). Once this soreness was resolved, we continued maintaining my condition with a monthly session, which I believe will be sufficient and beneficial to me.

I determined that Muscle Activation Techniques have become a part of my life, in the same way that I can go for a walk, always trying to find my wellness with non-aggressive activities. There is no question that MAT® works and I am convinced that it’s the best thing for me, and it can be for you too.

I was diagnosed with epicondylitis or "tennis elbow," and after various tests surgery was proposed as the solution. I already had a date for the surgery, when I ran into a friend at a dinner who had a friend of a friend who had seen an "activator", a technique from the USA. I still remember his exact words: "before you get the surgery done, don’t be a fool and try a session." And so I gave it a try. It changed my mind so drastically that I postponed the surgery and I never got the surgery done because of it.

I had sessions every week, and I noticed that the pain was gradually going away. It was just incredible. I always said "this seems magic, Carlos." I am currently completely recovered and I have no pain in my elbow.

I just hope that my experience is helpful for those who are facing the possibility of surgery, because MAT® results are just amazing. Nowadays, I just have a monthly session to get everything checked out and I’m very happy. My gratitude has translated in the number of individuals I have referred to Carlos after my experience.

Thank you, Carlos!

It’s already been a few years since I started receiving a MAT® weekly session.

It was a great discovery for me. I started right after my knee replacement surgery to do my rehab process and I recovered very well. Then I had another surgery, my hip replacement surgery!! My orthopedic surgeon is very surprised on how this technique has pulled me through both post-op recovery processes.

I am 80 years old, I have never missed any of my sessions with Carlos. I feel really well about my knee and hip and I forget about them every week when I do my 36 holes playing golf!

When I met Carlos, about 5 years ago, my limitation in mobility was extreme, with lumbar pain, pain in my glutes and hips resulting from years of practicing sports without optimal muscle conditioning, and wearing a corset every time I went out bicycling to avoid lumbar pain.

When I first started treatment with MAT®, every day was a different feeling. Some days I improved a lot and others, not that much. But my persistence paid off and, after several months of treatment, the lumbar pain improved to the point that it almost disappeared whereas my glutes and hip kept gradually improving.

I currently work with Carlos and the application of MATRx® in accomplishing a holistic improvement of my body that allows me to train 3 times a week, achieving improvements each week.

MAT® has been the foundation of my physical training for about 10 years, which allows me to enjoy optimal fitness in my muscles to face the sports events where I compete (trail running, regular running, marathons, and triathlons). Personally, I trust Carlos because he is completely familiar with all my weaknesses and strengths, my idiosyncrasies and personal challenges I set for myself.

I started treatment with MAT® because of an old injury in my ankle that hindered my ability to perform optimally due to a lot of limitations. Now I can perfectly face a 100 km race without having any injury.

I have been familiar with MAT® for a long time and the truth is that it allows me to improve the functioning of my body and lessens my muscle pain. Carlos is very easygoing and very accommodating. I highly recommend this therapy!

It’s already been eight years since discomfort started in my left shoulder. It was constant and hindered my mobility to the point that, on many occasions, I had to visit the emergency room. After seeing several orthopedic surgeons and considering surgery as the unavoidable solution, MAT® was presented to me as the alternative and I started doing sessions with Carlos. After several sessions, the pain is completely gone. Nowadays, I continue with a weekly session to prevent future injuries.

I practice sports 4 or 5 a week and it’s been 4 months since Carlos started treating my back problems every three weeks, with successful results.

Being 50 years old and leading a hectic but sedentary life, I met Carlos and MAT® thanks to a good friend and my shoulder which had been aching for the past two years. After three months of treatment, the pain has subsided completely, and my general fitness has improved considerably.

When I was 52 years old, I played tennis almost daily, but I could not sprint because I felt pain in my abductor muscle, I could not drive more than thirty minutes because sciatic pain would flare up in my glute, I could not serve playing tennis, and I could not even comb my hair because of the pain I felt in my shoulder, in the supraspinatus. These are all the aches and pains that have subsided and eventually disappeared thanks to Carlos and MAT®.

After seeing many physiotherapists without much success and with my orthopedic surgeon recommending surgery, I met Carlos through my personal trainer. After several months of treatment, I felt a great improvement and nowadays I undergo maintenance sessions combined with exercises. I have NOT had any more problems.

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