Increase in athletic performance

We eliminate weak links in athletes to increase their performance.

Detect and fix the muscle imbalances of athletes, who will improve his/her athletic abilities and will avoid the occurrence of injury. We find and eliminate the weak areas in athletes to fully maximize his/her body’s performance.

Improvement of fitness levels

Our expertise in the body’s functioning guides us in providing the precise stimulation to optimize its condition, preserving articular integrity and health.

Our job is to optimize the individual’s abilities and, to that end, we utilize tools that eliminate weak links that may hinder performance. Once these weak links are eliminated, we introduce physical exercise knowing that it will be more beneficial for the body.

Injury recovery

Stress of any kind (mechanical, chemically induced, emotional...) or trauma (surgery, sequelae from a bump/hit) are factors making a muscle or group of muscles stop behaving optimally.

This imbalance will alter our body’s ability to properly move and control our joints and favor the occurrence of injuries. We correct those muscle imbalances that cause the injury, thereby eliminating its origin without the need of medication or complete avoidance of the activity that caused it in the first place. Therefore, we make the recovery faster and we avoid dreaded relapses because we have eliminated the factor that triggered the injury or pain.

Overcoming pain

Our body signals pain as a protective measure and an alarm when it detects potential harm or loss of control over a particular movement effectuated by a muscle or a muscle group.

We pinpoint what muscles do not behave property and we stimulate them with the goal of reestablishing our body’s ability to control such movement, providing our body with resources to eliminate this protective measure called pain.

Post-surgery treatment

Our body will allow the joint or repaired area to move more gradually and will reduce the resulting pain to the extent that our body exercises greater control over such a movement by the muscle or muscle group.

We stimulate in a specific manner the muscle or muscle group that moves and controls the particular joint or repaired area with the following goals:

  • to reestablish lost mobility;
  • to avoid pain resulting from mobility: the more muscle control, the less discomfort;
  • to prevent possible tissue adhesions that may occur;
  • to make sure that the muscle or muscle group moves the joint properly so that there is no excessive friction in the internal tissues of the joint that could cause their premature degeneration (arthrosis).

Injury prevention

Injuries occur the moment there is a muscle imbalance that impairs our body from having the adequate movement and control of the joints.

Ensuring optimal muscle functioning is the best way to avoid injury or discomfort. We utilize tools that detect and correct muscle imbalances that predispose our bodies to succumb to an injury.

Help for certain pathologies

Many individuals suffer pathologies that have left them sequelae hindering their ability to move without limitations or pain.

We have the ability to improve the connection between muscles and the nervous system, thereby supplying nourishment between this neurological connection and motor skills in individuals who have suffered their impairment as a result of some pathology. The level of progress will vary on each case, although it is true that the nervous system is always susceptible to improve due to its plasticity, which allows change and adaptation based on the stimuli it receives.

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