It is a groundbreaking institute in Europe for the application of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®) in conjunction with muscle reinforcement.

Gamma Bcn Activación Muscular was established in 2014 with a revolutionary and innovative vision in the fitness and health industry. Our advanced expertise in biomechanics and Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®) allows us to offer solutions in many instances:

  • In recovery from and prevention of injuries.
  • For relief from pain.
  • For improvement in athletic performance.
  • To increase fitness levels.
  • For post-surgery recovery.
  • For groups of individuals with particular needs (ictus, medullar injuries, poliomyelitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis...).

With our facilities located in an unmatchable, quiet, and welcoming location, Gamma Bcn Activación Muscular offers a private and elegant space characterized by its open access and dedicated to the betterment of personal health and fitness under personal, professional, and caring guidance.

Our business name comes from a neuron in the human body, Gamma, whose purpose is to maintain constant communication between the nervous system and the muscles so that they are under control and functioning properly. Our corporate symbol originates in that idea and illustrates the connection among neurons, technically called neuronal synapsis, because our goal with our work is to reestablish, maintain, and improve communication between the nervous system and the body muscle groups.

Our logo, a switch, reflects our goal to "turn on" muscles to make them contract and respond better through the application of: MAT®, MATRx® and muscle reinforcement. Gamma Bcn Activación Muscular offers health and fitness, exercise, balance, professionalism, honesty, expertise... at the service of the community.

How it works

Of interest to you

SStress of any type (mechanical: maintaining the same posture for a prolonged period of time, exercise, repetition of a movement, built up fatigue...; chemical: poor nutrition, dehydration, food intolerances...; psychological: emotional shock, psychiatric pathologies, depressive conditions ...); or trauma (sequelae from a bump/hit, surgery...); may cause problems for the proper functioning of our muscles. Our nervous system controls our muscles via sensory receptors located in the muscles that are responsible for maintaining constant communication between the muscles and our bodies. If this is the case, the body’s functioning will be optimal, and there will be control over movements, joints, and adequate tension levels in our body’s muscles. An alteration in this communication will force the nervous system to find solutions for the lack of control over a muscle or a group of muscles. The first manifestation of this imbalance is the limitation in the movement of the joints. This occurs due to the lack of control over the joint as a result of the alteration in the function of the muscles that move this particular joint. If our body does not carry out a movement correctly, it will limit it to prevent us from suffering pain or injury. There will also be increased tension in the muscle or muscles involved. The nervous system will compensate the imbalance in a muscle or muscles by increasing tension in other muscles that will be overused in an effort to replace the functioning of those not doing it properly. If this imbalance continues over time, damage could occur in the muscle or muscles (cramps, tendinitis, muscle tears...) or in the joints (meniscal tears, in the ligaments, a herniated disk...).

MAT® is the ideal tool to reestablish communication between the muscles and the nervous system. It will restore the proper functioning of the body and avoid the occurrence of pain or injury, or it alternatively will ease the recovery process in case pain or injury are present.